Cookie Policy

This website is operated by the company LFFINTECH Company Limited ("the company"), which uses cookies as a technology to collect, use, and/or process personal information. This cookie policy explains the meaning, types, and characteristics of cookie use, the duration for which cookies are stored on the device, and options regarding user cookie settings.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. When you visit a website or an application, they serve to record various information and settings, regardless of your location or your current usage status, so that you can access the website or application continuously. This includes the collection of historical information about the services you are interested in in file form. The use of cookies does not harm your device in any way, and the contents of the cookies are only viewed or read by the service that generates such cookies.

2. Benefits of Cookies

Recognize your browser behavior so that we can provide a better service experience and meet your needs. Additionally, recording the initial settings of the service with cookies will allow you to access the usage at the set value each time it is activated, unless the cookie is deleted. This will return all settings to their defaults.

3. Use of cookies

The company uses cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags on the company’s services (collectively referred to as "services referring to the cookie policy"). Therefore, any service you use to access the services referred to in the company's cookie policy will receive cookies from the company.

When you access a service referred to in our Cookie Policy, our cookies are downloaded to your device to store information about your usage patterns and history of the service, the information or services you are interested in, including your latest access to the service references, etc.

The company uses cookies when you visit the company’s website or application. The use of cookies can be divided according to their nature.

(1) Strictly Necessary Cookies. These types of cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. These cookies are used for the website’s necessary functioning so that it can operate properly and securely. This type of cookie is used to store your information and respond to your requests, such as logging in, verifying your identity, changing your privacy settings, filling out a form, etc. You cannot disable the use of this type of cookie through the company’s website system.

(2) Functionality Cookies. This type of cookie is used to remember when you return to the company’s website and your settings, to change the way you use the company's website according to your needs, such as remembering your username and password, so that you can use the website more conveniently without providing information or renewing settings every time you access the website. If you do not allow these types of cookies to work, it may affect your use of the site.

(3) Performance Cookies. This type of cookie is used to recognize and count the number of visitors to the website, including website visitor behavior, in order to provide information to improve the functionality of the website. It is also used to collect statistics on how the website is accessed and visited, which will improve the website’s functionality by allowing users to easily find what they want. If you do not allow the company to use these types of cookies, the company will not be able to measure and improve the site’s performance.

(4) Advertising Cookies. This type of cookie is used to remember your preferences for accessing the website and is used as page modification information to identify whether you are interested in or liked something on the company’s website in particular and to provide you with advertising that is as relevant to you as possible. If you do not allow this cookie to work, you will not receive communication, relationships, or advertising information from the company on the website.

In the case of other types of cookies other than necessary cookies, the service user has the right to refuse to opt out of cookies. The service user acknowledges and agrees that the refusal to use cookies may make it impossible for the company to take advantage of certain functions or uses on the website.

4. Use of third-party cookies

The company may use various third-party cookies to report statistics on the provision and use of the services, advertising displayed through the services, and other purposes. These cookies are used by third parties, such as for analytics by various third parties such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube. Furthermore, these cookies may also be used by the company’s targeting service provider to improve online marketing content to be more relevant to your needs and interests.

We cannot control the use of third-party cookies, so we ask you to review the cookie policy for each third-party website you visit.

The company will process personal data to the extent necessary for the purposes permitted by law that have been notified to the data owner before or during the collection of personal data. The company shall obtain the explicit consent of the data owner; except in the following cases, the company may collect personal data without requesting consent.

5. Retention period of cookies that are stored on your device

There are 2 types of cookies stored.

1. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

2. Persistent cookies remain on the user’s computer until the service expires or they are deleted. Persistent cookies can store information about the interests of the user of the service, making the re-access of the website easier and closer to the user's interests.

6. Alternatives about cookies

If you wish to delete cookies or manage your web browser to remove or reject cookies, you can do the following:

1. You can manage the use of cookies that you use on your computer through your web browser, and you can be alerted every time your browser stores a cookie on your computer.

2. Most web browsers will automatically accept cookies. If you do not set any particular settings, you can change the settings by pressing the setting to prevent your web browser from accepting cookies.

You can change your third-party cookie settings for data analysis and online marketing purposes by deleting the cookies left by your browser type and following the cookie management practices for different web browsers.

Please note that if you delete or reject the use of cookies, you may not be able to use the entire company’s website, your usage history may not be stored, and you may have incomplete visits to certain pages of the company's website. You may not have access to certain functions of our website or be limited to them.

Practices for managing the use of cookies for different web browsers

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Safari and IOS:


7. Improving our Cookie Policy

The content of this Cookie Policy will be updated or modified to suit the format and necessity of the Cookie use of the Company's website. You can access the content of the latest Cookie Policy on the Company’s website at any time.

8. Notice on the protection of personal information

Learn more about how personal data is processed and what rights you have under the Data Protection Act, visit the Privacy Policy.