Terms of Service

This Terms of Service is intended to inform you about the legal rights and obligations in relation to the service between “us”, “LFFINTECH Company Limited” as “Provider” and “User of the Service”, as “Service User”. Therefore, please read the terms of service in detail to benefit from our service.

Acceptance of the Terms of Service, the subscription agreement of all types of Service Users, shall be deemed to indicate that the Service User agrees to have read and understood these Terms and Conditions in detail and that the User accepts all Terms of Service.

1. Definition

“Agreement” means the Terms of Service

"Contracting Parties” means LFFintech Co., Ltd. and the service users who subscribe to access the services through the website.

"Service Charges" means that LFFintech Co., Ltd. and the Service Users are liable to pay in accordance with the usage cycles specified in the Agreement. At the rate shown on the website.

"Information" means any information that a service user or a person authorized by the service user provides to the service provider via the website or any other communication channel.

"Confidential information" means any information that the contracting parties have provided to each other, whether in word, letter, or electronic form, but does not include any information that has already been disclosed to the public.

"Intellectual Property Rights" means patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, moral rights, and product design rights, whether registered or not.

"System User" means any other person or company that is not a service user but is a partner with MANAWORK.

“Provider” means LFFINTECH Co., Ltd.

“Website” means https://manawork.com


"Force Majeure" means causes or disasters that cannot be prevented. Both the people who have experienced or are close to experiencing that will be treated with due care.

2. Services

2.1 Service Packages The service provided by the Service Provider to the Service Users shall be subject to the terms and conditions set for the packages and forms of the service as shown on the website on which the Service User has chosen to use the service through the Provider.

2.2 Service Package Changes The service provider reserves the right to change the service at any time, including but not limited to the service package or price. To comply with the needs of the service users and according to changing circumstances. Changes are deemed to take effect immediately upon modification on the website. The service provider shall notify all service users of the change via email or through the website page. Therefore, it is recommended that service users read and understand the latest Terms of Service appearing on the website and continue to use the provider’s services. Following such modifications, the provider shall be deemed to accept such changes immediately.

2.3 Rights to use the Service Service providers grant rights to service users. To access and use services in various packages from service providers according to the user's choice. This right is neither an exclusive right nor transferable and the exercise of such rights must be subjected to these terms and conditions.

3. Subscription, Change correction, contract extension

3.1 Subscription Subscribing to the service can be done by submitting a request for service through the website. The service provider reserves the right to reject any request for use of the service that does not comply with the assessment criteria or conditions set out at the sole discretion of the service provider, for which the service provider is not obliged to disclose such evaluation criteria to the service user in advance.

3.2 Agreement Duration and Contracts Renewal The period of use of the service package is subject to the service fee of the provider. The initial period is one year, unless otherwise stated on the website. However, if the Service User does not express intention to withdraw from the Agreement in a manner that the Service Provider may declare in accordance with these terms 30 days before the end of the Service Period in that cycle year. The duration of the Service will be automatically extended for another year and will be extended automatically from time to time by the same method. To avoid any doubts, the provider will process the charge for the service for such a period of time immediately.

3.3 User accounts Service Users must keep Service User Accounts and Passwords careful and confidential. The service user shall act solely at his or her own risk. In the event that a third party uses the password fraudulently or unauthorizedly

The service provider shall consider the use of a password for any transaction for use through the user account of a service user to be an action of the service user as the contractor holding such a password. In the event of the user’s account being used by an unauthorized third party, the service user is obliged to notify the service provider immediately of such a victim so that the service provider can take measures to prevent and remedy such a problem promptly. However, such measures are intended only to provide assistance to service users. The service provider is not liable to the service user or any other person for the fault.

3.4 System User Appointment Service users have the right to assign any person or company as a system user to manage the account of such services. Users, according to the number corresponding to the service package selected by the service user, shall be liable for any user on the system who acts virtually against the actions of the service user themself. Whether such acts are at the user’s discretion or not in order to avoid any doubt, if user behavior in the system causes damage or disadvantage to the user of the service, the service provider shall not be responsible in any way.

3.5 Correction of rights to use the service Service users shall have the exclusive right to change or terminate their use of the system as they consider appropriate. In the event of a dispute arising between the service user and the system user, the service provider shall comply with the request or order of the service user solely as a contracting party. Therefore, the service provider reserves the right not to follow any request or order from any third party, whether the system user or the authorized representative of a service user who is not a contractual partner with the provider, unless it appears that the service user has expressly consented in writing to the provider's for doing so.

4. Service Payments

4.1 Use of the free package serviceService users who choose a free package acknowledge that their use will be subject to the limitations specified on the website page by the provider.

4.2 Free trial for package useIn order to enable service users to try out the provider’s services in the form of payment. Service users can opt-in for such packages. With a limited period of time (30 days), the service user must decide to purchase a trial package at the rate specified by the provider through the website. Within the period before the trial period ends. To store all data processed during such a trial period. If a service user has not processed payment for such a package within such a period, the service provider reserves the right not to retain the data provided by the service user during such trial time without liability for any damage that may arise to the user in such cases.

4.3 Payment of Service Service users are liable to pay the service fee annually or at the rate specified in the package in which the service is used. The service provider will charge for the service at any time of the year or at a specified rate until the contract is terminated in accordance with these terms. This charge is subject to the following conditions:

4.3.1 Form of payment The service provider will charge the service in the currency specified, which may include various applicable taxes (if any) and inform the service user through the website by credit card, bank transfer, or other forms of payment as prescribed by the provider.

4.3.2 Delayed payment in the event that a service user fails to pay or has a delay in paying a service fee. The service provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service user’s service until full payment of the service fee has been made. Therefore, the service provider shall not be liable for any damages that may arise to the service users from such a suspension of service use, and such a suspension of service shall not affect any other rights that the service provider may have under applicable law.

5. User Duty of the service and prohibitions

5.1 Responsibility for Data The service user is solely responsible for any information, content, images, or elements that the service user may enter into the system for the use of the provider’s services ("service user’s information"). The service user shall guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and legal right to transfer the data of all service users. If there is any dispute relating to the service user’s data that may affect the service provider, the service customer shall be solely liable for any such damage that may arise.

5.2 Information correction notice If you wish to transfer the Services, either a whole or in part, to another company, or to a company under LFFINTECH group, or to another party, LFFINTECH may transfer the contractual status under the contract to a third company, a company under LFFINTECH group, or a third party after giving you notice, and when you sign up for the Service, it will be deemed that you have given your prior consent to such a transfer.

5.3 Legal Use Users are only obliged to use the service provider’s services in good faith and in accordance with the law. Users must not use the service provider to support or use it in any way in connection with or for any purposes that are explicitly prohibited by Thai law, contrary to good morals, or that cause any damage to the provider or other users of the service.

If such acts are detected, the service provider reserves the right to terminate the service to such service users without prior notice, refunding any service at all, and is not liable for any damage to the infringer or any third party. This does not constitute a disclaimer of any claim for damages or compensation from any service user who fails to comply with such service restrictions.

5.4 Prohibition of data transmission Users of the Service shall not submit any information to the Service Provider's systems that is illegal or may cause damage to the service Provider or other Service Users, including but not limited to:

5.4.1 False information, in whole or in part, or false information that may cause harm to others or the public. Including any information or content that is illegal or harmful to morality, bullying, obscene, pornographic, persecution, interracial, religious, and/or violates the privacy rights of others, using any form of extortion, violence, deliberate, other than publicity advertising, attacking competitors, or engaging in any illegal activity in any way.

5.4.2 False information that is likely to cause damage to the national stability or provoke public agitation or misinformation concerning the stability of the Kingdom, or a crime of terrorism under criminal law.

5.4.3 Any computer data with a pornographic appearance is accessible to the general public.

5.4.4 Any content message containing computer viruses, commands, computer code, files, or other programs designed to destroy the functioning of computer hardware or software interrupts or limits the functionality or endangers the security of the computer system or network system, device, hardware, or software of the provider or of a third party to whom the service provider has provided the service operator or of other service users. This communication includes the transmission or input of a Trojan virus or worm.

5.4.5 Information that may lead to the belief that it is another person or misrepresent the identity of such service users, which may result in damage to the actual data owner, service provider, or any other person.

5.4.6 Any documentation that violates the law or that the service user has no right to use shall be used in accordance with the law, as well as any other information that may affect the service provider or any other person.

5.5 Prohibitions to use the Service Users of the Service agree not to use the Service in any of the following ways:

5.5.1 Fake or deceive others or any act which is revealed to a third party as being an officer, employee, agent, or authorized agent of the service provider in the pursuit of unfavorable interests and makes it generally understood that the person acts on behalf of the service provider.

5.5.2 Any misrepresentation, alteration, correction, modification, or action that results in any message on the system or website being changed from the original

5.5.3 Use various data extractors within the platform. Data Mining, robots or data gathering and tools used to extract data on the Website to create, refine, develop, or remove data contained on the Site or in any other published document, unless obtained prior written consent from the Company.

5.5.4 Attempt or act to access any part of the site without the authority to act such as that unless the service provider has expressly authorized in writing to do so.

5.6 Compensation for Service User Violations In the event that a service user fails to comply with its obligations, in particular data prohibitions or other prohibitions to use the service or other conditions, which may lead to claims for damages, in any case, to the service provider, the service user who violates such obligations shall have the sole responsibility to remedy such claims and complaints and shall compensate and guarantee against any damage that may arise to the service provider from the violation by the user of all such services. Without limitation to the right to any other claims of the service provider under applicable law, which include claims for damages or expenses, either directly or indirectly (including legal fees), from such a victim

5.7 Right to suspend or terminate the contract by the provider In the event of any liability proceedings as specified by the Service User may proceed. The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Service or to terminate the Agreement without prior notice and without refunding any service fees.

6. Termination of Contract

6.1 Right of withdrawal by service users

6.1.1 In the event of termination of a free package, the service user has the right to terminate the contract by sending a termination request to support@manawork.com and informing your administrator.

6.1.2 In the event of termination of the contract for an annual service package, the service user has the right to terminate the contract by sending a termination request to support@manawork.com However, the submission of such a request will be made at any time before the end of the service period, resulting in termination on the last day of the service period in the year in which the request was made. In the event that a service user wishes to cancel the contract with immediate effect (closing MANAWORK before the expiration of the service period), the service provider reserves the right not to reimburse the service fee paid by the user, regardless of the circumstances.

7. Transfer of rights

7.1 Transfer of rights by service users. The service provider does not allow the service user to transfer the rights and obligations arising under the contract to another party without the prior written consent of the provider.

7.2 Transfer of rights by the provider. In the event that the service provider wishes to transfer the service, in whole or in part, to another company, group company, or other person, the service provider may transfer the contractual status under the contract to the other company after informing the user of the service and when the user subscribes to the service. It shall be deemed that the user has given prior consent to such a transfer.

8. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

8.1 Confidentiality The party agrees not to disclose the confidentiality of the other party to any third party or entity for any purpose unless (1) it has obtained the consent of the owner of such confidential information or (2) it is required by law, such as following a court order, etc.

8.2 Provider’s Intellectual Property The provider owns the copyright and intellectual property rights to the information displayed, images, and formats as they appear on the entire website, unless otherwise explicitly identified. And such intellectual property rights are subject to the following terms:

8.2.1 Prohibitions, it is forbidden for anyone to copy, replicate, back up, model, modify, add to, or publish for any other purpose without the written consent of the provider, unless specified in the terms and conditions on the site.

8.2.2 Access to information, documents, data, or electronic documents in the user account of the service user shall be deemed to be the property of the service user. However, access to such data or electronic documents must be provided that the service user has fully paid the annual service fee and considers that the service user has authorized the service provider to use, copy, store, backup, or backup such electronic data or documents for the purposes of providing the service provider to the benefit of the service users to access the various data quickly.

In order to avoid any doubt, the service provider cannot guarantee that the service user's data will not be lost or damaged in any way that may occur due to oracles or unpredictable circumstances. Therefore, the user is obliged to back up or copy any data or document that he wishes to submit to the system in any other way. For the best benefit of the service user's data retention, the provider shall not be liable in any event of data loss or damage.

8.3 Use of the Intellectual Property of the Service Users Users of the Service authorize the Service Provider and/or its affiliated companies to use name, company name and/or logo of the service user’s business publishing on any publication or media or otherwise published for the purposes of referencing the service Provider’s customers.

9. Service Suspension and Cancellation

9.1 Service Suspension The service provider may temporarily suspend the service for the reasons stated in this Section 9.1 and in the event of a suspension of any service package. The service provider reserves the right not to refund the service for the period of such suspension and considers that the provider shall not be liable for such a suspension in any way.

9.1.1 Maintenance of equipment necessary for service.

9.1.2 The equipment required for service is not available.

9.1.3 Operational or technical events that affect the service.

9.1.4 การเกิดเหตุการณ์ที่เป็นอุปสรรคในการให้บริการ โดยเฉพาะเหตุสุดวิสัยใด

9.1.5 Events that interfere with service, especially any force majeure.

9.1.6 Users of the service do not comply with these terms.

9.2 Cancellation of Service The provider reserves the right to cancel all or part of the service without notice and has no liability to the contractor and third parties.

10. Responsibility Statement

10.1 General definition of liability. Even if the service provider intends and makes every effort to provide the service fully efficiently, however, the service provider’s services are as-is. Therefore, the service provider cannot guarantee that the user’s use of the service will be free of defects (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, efficiency, suitability for certain purposes, security breaches, errors, bugs, or viruses.

10.2 Damage Definition. The service provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the service or arising from failure to use the service for any reasons, unless the damage is caused by the provider’s intention or serious negligent. In such cases, the service provider limits its liability for actual damages incurred by the service user, whether directly or indirectly, to a maximum not exceeding the annual service fee or at a specified rate that the service provider has been paid by the user in the year that the event that caused the damage occurred. In particular, the service provider is not liable for the loss of goodwill, profits, benefits, data, or any other non-formal damage from the use of the service that is not a direct damage.

11. Other stipulations

11.1 Partial void. If any of the terms or statements in these Terms and Conditions are void or unlawfully enforceable, it shall be deemed that any term or statement that is void and/or void does not affect the integrity or enforcement of the other Terms or Conditions.

11.2 Language In the event of a difference between these terms in the Thai version and the translation version, The Thai version shall prevail over the other language version.

11.3 Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution These Terms of Service are governed by Thai law, and the courts in the Kingdom of Thailand have jurisdiction to decide on disputes arising under them.

11.4 Correction of Conditions The service provider reserves the right to change these terms at any time. Changes are deemed to take effect immediately upon modification on the website.

11.5 Communication The service user confirms that the electronic mail specified by the service user in any part of the website is an electronic mail (email) that can be accessed by the user at any time. The Service user acknowledges that any contact, mail, or notification from the Service provider to the Service user by electronic mail as provided by the user shall be deemed to be a proper notification to the user of the service. And it shall be considered that the recipient has seen such contact since the date of sending such contact by electronic letter.